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Specialists in golf course and sports field construction and maintenance, across New Zealand.

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Quality Control

Working on specialist turfs like golf courses and sports fields requires excellent attention to detail. It requires a team that will go above and beyond. To understand the landscape, drainage, soil control and so much more. 

This is where experience counts. This is where Turf Shapes shines.


 Read on to see how Turf Shapes could help you.

Golf Course Construction

Golf Course Construction



Every project requires different earthworks, site prep and excavation.  Time and cost in earthworks depend on several factors, such as site complexity, architectural design and time allotted.


Transforming a rough-graded earthwork surface into a contoured, elegant golf course that looks completely natural. Whether it's tee, green or bunker construction, our shaping capabilities are what really set our team apart.

Turf shapes has a laser guided box scraper that can achieve millimetre perfection on tee decks and sports fields.

Drainage & Irrigation

A well-drained golf course or sports field is what all clubs seek. The ability to get back on the course quickly after rain is all part of the service with Turf Shapes.

While removing unwanted water is one task, adequate irrigation is essential to keep courses healthy and green.  Finding the right balance between the two is critical.

Sports Field Constuctin

Sports Field Construction


Erosion Control

A typical golf course or sports field project will need adequate erosion control measures. Turf Shapes knows the importance of strong and robust measures to keep sediments from leaving the site or entering waterways.


Waterways on golf courses can take the form of lakes, ponds, streams and even waterfalls. Our team can expertly plan and develop stunning water features that integrate seamlessly into the landscape.


The final trimming and finishing of the soil will be mirrored by the mowen turf, there fore it is very important to get the final touches done to perfection as this will be forever. Working in with the architect and the turf management team at this time is also important to achieve the desired perfect results.

When it comes time to seed the finished product, work and research has already gone into selecting the ideal turf type. Working with the turf manager/ superintendent, architect, seed supplier and agronomist the seed or sod will be chosen and applied at the correct rates.

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No project is too big or too small for Turf Shapes.

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