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Who We Help

Our clients range from golf clubs and private owners to architects and regional councils across New Zealand.

Who We Help Intro

Partnering with our clients

Over the years, we’ve seen the benefits that can come from partnering with clients from ideas to construction and beyond.


Better construction outcomes and better turf, for the long term. 


Golf Clubs

One of the benefits of the pandemic was the huge uptake in the sport of golf. Kiwis were stuck in NZ and decided to give golf a go and caught the bug. Club memberships have never been so high.


All this success has caused some problems though.


There is more wear and tear on the course, superintendents are struggling to keep a grass cover on areas of their course due to the amount of people playing. Areas like tee decks that were designed for half the amount of players are now being hacked out.


Turf Shapes has been working with clubs to provide solutions to these problems like enlarging tee decks and even adding new ones. Wear from foot, trundler and cart traffic is also been a problem for clubs, Turf Shapes can build paths also. These are only a few of the common issues that clubs are facing with the new demand in this sport.

Golf Clubs

Private Owners

Building a private golf facility is a unique project

Weather is it a green in the back yard or a full 18 hole resort, Turf Shapes can work with you on  your project. We will work in with your team of engineers, designers and architect or we can help you choose a team that is ideal for your site.

Private Owners


Turf Shapes understands the importance of having a Golf Course Architect. Therefore we don't pretend to be one.


Our skills are to construct the golf course and we're good at that. We work with the best designers and architects in New Zealand and Australia and we are always keen to work with more.


Councils, Government, public sector organisations

Working with the public sector, both local and national requires a different approach to a project. Turf Shapes has experience in both administrating and producing projects for these organisations.


The physical works side is the same but the communications and administration can be different.


Turf Shapes will work with engineers, designers and contract managers to complete the project in an efficient manner.

Regional Councils

Contact us

No project is too big or too small for Turf Shapes.

Talk to our experienced team about your next project.

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